Creative Girls Gather

Hi friends!

I'm excited to let you know that myself and my  friend Nicole from The Party Porch had a successful first of many to come Creative Girls Gather workshop. If you're following me on Instagram you already know what I'm talking about.  We saw the need to get creative like minded girls together to create and express their creativity here in Chicago and that happened this past weekend.  It was a day filled with amazing people in a charming party place, Festive Collective.  If you haven't visited this spot of pure joy please hurry on over.  Are you ready for the highlights of how the day unfolds?  I'll jump right into it, without further ado we had awe-inspiring designers from Target to lead the DIY projects.  The ladies got their creative on that crafter-noon and  decorated some stunning banners from Spritz brand and Modern Handmade planters. 

When we aren't painting or making pompom from yarn we are chatting, snacking on small bites and  sipping a refreshing drink.  Lets jump into the fun part and see in these lovely photos.  It's true picture is worth a thousands words or more.  

These pretty cookies with our logo are the best.  They are not just beautiful and well detailed but also delicious.

Everyone adored these cute name tags made by The Party Porch.  She's a creative one with great taste in color scheme and delivering a girly feel in her pretty tags.  We wore them with Pride!

Cake, yes cake to celebrate a great time is a must! This pretty pink ruffle ombre cake was so delicious and it wasn't complete until we inserted this beautiful logo cake topper from Sugar Parties LA.

This is our dessert table setup!  How awesome are these amazing decoration that is always there at the Festive Collective fun party space.  Its perfect light shining bright over our creative day.

The lovely designers from Target all setup awaiting the creative girls to come and craft.  This table is loaded with pretty color paints, handfuls of glitters, my favorite washy tapes and so much more. Each person craft two DIY a wooden banner that you can paint and add glitter or both.  Some made inspirational banners for the holidays other just made as decor for their office or home.  The planter was painted and glitter into some masterpiece like make-up holder, pencil holder, paint holder, and also for some perfect little succulents. It was an amazing afternoon with so many talented ladies expressing their creativity. 

This pretty floral backdrop was made by Pretty Twinkle Party and the cute banner by A Lovely Design.  Sadly, I string the letters in the word GIRLS incorrectly on the banner and we didn't catch up on it until in photos.  It's still wonderful right?!

Custom water bottle labels are trending and use for small to big events.  These labels are made by the talented Misha from A Lovely Design.  See here link at the end of this post to get yours.

When it's girls time mingling and sipping cute flutes are a must.  We got these from Oriental Trading and they have a fun design and real cute in person.

It was a day of pure joy and happiness so these confetti plates an napkins from Oriental Trading added to the excitement along with the gold fork.

I love these beautiful cake pops from Parties By Paula!  The level of details are amazing and they are absolutely delicious.

These gorgeous handmade  linen flowers  by Truffilio were the perfect folder  for our mint chocolates from Oriental Trading.

These fun bags from Oriental Trading are perfect for any event and was perfect for our swag bags.  They are actually DIY bags so we got crafty and added Thank You tags and pretty ribbons.  We loved how they turned out and it was a proud moment handing them to our guests.

Some Photos of the lovely prizes from or collaborators and DIY Supplies

Enjoy this slideshow of the girls having fun with their DIY project!

Our creative and pretty invitation was made by A Lovely Design.  Her work is peerless and  you can get printable for any occasion from her.  

We are so thankful for the the support we got from all you that joined us as  collaborators and also those who shared our event on social media and wished us well on the inaugural of Creative Girls Gather.  Here is a list of all the talented people that contributed to our swags or prizes. Be sure to check them out a link to each of their websites, blogs or shops are listed below.

We had so much fun with all of you and would love to stay in touch! Follow Creative Girls Gather on Instagram to stay in the loop of what's brewing in our creative world and for future events. 

C R E D I T S  &  R E S O U R C E S

DIY Demonstrators (Target Designers) - Liz Apple & Niki Ives 
Wood Planter and Banner - Target
Floral Back Drop - Pretty Twinkle Party
Printable Invite, Sign, Banner and Water Bottle Labels - A lovely Design
Cake - Local Baker
Cake Topper - Sugar Parties LA
Cake Pops - Parties By Paula
Dessert Table Banner - Sugar Parties LA
Champagne Flutes - Oriental Trading
Favor Canvas Bags - Oriental Trading
Pink Salt Water Taffy - Oriental Trading
Confetti Plates and Napkins  - Oriental Trading
Gold Fork - Oriental Trading
Pink Chevron Plates, Cups and Napkins - Johnson Style
Logo Cookies - A Lovely Design
Truffle Holder - Truffilio
Sal water Taffy, Gumball, Mint Chocolate - Oriental Trading
Logo Confetti -  Archie and Andi

This review is based strictly on my opinion. I was provided the sample free of charge by Oriental Trading Company to provide my honest review. No other type of compensation was received. All ideas and opinions are my own.