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Happy New Year 2021

Hello Friends,

It's time to say goodbye to 2020, a very hard and painful year for  many people.  I'm thankful that I'm blessed with health and are here to create this content for you.  Although it has been an unprecedented year, I must say that this year had brought some good things to me like amazing collaborations, partnerships and features.  I'm most grateful for the health of my family and friends.  I hope this new year will blessed all my followers and new friends abundantly with the fruits of health, joy and success.  Let's get 2021 started.......

Christmas Gift Guides 2020

Hello Friends,

It is better to give than to receive and I'm a firm believer of this saying.  This time of the year I carefully sort out gifts for her, him, girls and boys of my family and friends.  I know choosing gifts can be hard so I'm sharing my gift guides with you.  I hope these will be helpful and you can get that special someone a sweet gift this holiday season.  Majority of the things I listed, I personally used, have or is purchasing for my family.  The girls gift guide is actually the exact list for my daughter. Happy gifting! Merry everything this season! Make sure you read to the end because there is a great discount code for my favorite holiday gift this year.   

Christmas Tree 2020

Hello Friends,

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  Oh Christmas tree, you are very elegant and a fashion sense of your own.  You all know that I'm in love with my pastel colors namely, pink.  Christmas is one of my favorite holiday therefore I love to make the tree in the living room a focal point.  This year's colors are pink, dusty rose, shades of gold, silver and white.  I went ribbon shopping at Michael's store and laid eyes on a pink sheer ribbon mixed with gold and rose gold.  I instantly fell in love!  Here it is my pink, Dusty rose, gold, rose gold and silver Christmas tree.

How I Decorated My tree

I always start by placing the larger ornaments first, follow by the smaller ones.  I eyeballed the tree to be sure all the empty spaces  are filled somewhat evenly with ornaments and then move on to the ribbons. Most of my ornaments are mercury glass in colors, blush, golds, rose gold, silver, white and iridescent.  I did  pink velvet ribbon and the Dusty Rose sheered ribbon curled. I placed the ribbons cascading from the top to bottom of the tree. I love how it turned out.  It's time to add the picks and topper.  This part is the finishing line of decorating my tree and again eyeballing and filling in spots.  I did a simple Platinum Eucalyptus stems for topper.  I chose some flowers for picks including white and gold ice Magnolia, dusty roses with sparkles of gold, frosty blush peonies and some Rose gold Amaranths picks.

I sourced most of the things I used to decorate my tree for you.  

White and Gold Kitchen Reveal

Hello Friends,

Happy Fall! I'm very excited to share with you our kitchen renovation reveal.  Here is a little  summary about our kitchen before the remodel.  When we bought our house we knew right away we would paint the walls.  It was orange and before move in day we painted it White Dove.  This tiny space was a noticeable one with many potentials. A couple months after we moved in I decided to paint the oak cabinets white to brighten up this little boxed up kitchen.  I did and I was a tad bit happier but just not enough.  My kitchen was ok but not functional.  It has granite countertop and stainless steel appliances but they were all in the wrong spots.  First of all, every kitchen should have the sink by the window, mine wasn't, it was next to a wall.  The appliances weren't properly place to have a focal point. Let's just say the dishwasher hugged the stove, yikes!  This had bothered me for awhile until we had the talk about doing a total remodel on this kitchen.  We all know that a kitchen remodel isn't cheap, so we did it in baby steps.  In 2019 we decided to finally knocked down walls and it immediately turned our main floor into an open floor plan.  Elated is an understatement to say the least  how I felt to have finally let in  light in this tiny kitchen.  This big first step really motivated us to plan for the fully remodel in 2020.  

Well to our surprise, a global pandemic was brewing. Covid-19 changed many people lives forever and we contemplated if we should even carry on with our kitchen remodel plans.  I say this because it means that people will need to come into our home to do work like electrician, plumber, contractors etc. We always set our projects in July so we thought maybe the virus would subsides by then. The positive thing about these rollercoaster thoughts is that our project is DIY which means we would be doing most of it by ourselves, except for the important skills we needed professionals to do for us.  Illinois finally went into Phase 3 and we said it's a go! Are you still here with me, enjoy the photos and see my kitchen transform.

Lace Your Skates To Celebrate EIGHT

Hello Friends,

It's that time of the year again when I usually get so excited to style my favorite party of the year.  Well this year has been unprecedented and I had to get creative in another way.  We are going through  a global pandemic and the whole party shenanigan wasn't a wise idea during these trying times.  Although all that is going on in the world, considering quarantine and social distancing, my little girl still celebrating her birthday just in another setting with family and no friends.  It's so hard to leave out your best friends at such precious milestone in life but we had to at this time.  I want to share with you how we celebrated her eighth birthday.

Lets just say my little girl is a cat and roller skating lover!  She is obsessed with both and  asked for this theme.  I was very skeptical and tried to vision a cat on a roller skate.  She told me the color scheme she wanted which are pink, lavender and silver.  I went to my craft room to see what I had that I can use for this celebration.  To my surprise, I had almost everything, the plates, cups, cutlery, napkins and some decor.  I figured we would make balloon garlands and just filled the space with metallic and pearl balloons in silver, pink and hot pink.   Balloons are always beautiful decor at any event.    

The best part of the birthday decor is the taper candle holder i DIYed from Sugar & Cloth  tutorial.  It's very easy to make and looks so beautiful. I used it as a centerpiece for the birthday girl and her cousins food table.  I did a picnic style table setting with pillows for seating.  I used a coffee table and my throw pillows.    

The day turned out gorgeous and everyone had a great time.  She really enjoyed seeing her gorgeous cookies Kooky Crumbs and Crafts made to match the theme of her birthday.  Last but not least the  most important dessert, her cat cake.

Enjoy the purr-ty photos!

Chic Summer Outdoor Living

Hello Friends,
It has been a while since I've written on my blog,  I hope you all are doing well in the unprecedented time.  This summer is a little different for us as we are not going out in the public as we are used to, so I tried making our backyard fun for our staycation.   I've always love seeing chic patio decors in black and white decor and furniture.  I didn't know if I would like it, as my style is very transitional and is forever evolving.  To be honest I'm very happy with the outcome!  I got so many compliments on my Instagram account and also many pins on my Pinterest.  I'm very happy to share it with you all if you are not following me on the social media accounts mentioned above.  I've also source many of the items for you if you would like to create my look.  Since its summer grab something a chilly drink to sip on while you enjoy the photos.


Thank you so much for reading and I will see you here in my next post!