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Spring Candy Charcuterie Board

Hello Friends,

Today's post is extra sweet and filled with array of colors.  Have you heard about Charcuterie board?  It's basically a display of a variety of food.  We chose candy since its almost Easter.  We love the explosion of pastel colors in all shapes and taste. My daughter and I surely had fun creating this charcuterie board.    I want share a tip of where to buy fun candy for a charcuterie board.  Always check your nearest Homegoods, Ross and grocery stores.  I found many sets that had at least 6 different types of candy for a decent price.  You save by shopping this ways because you really don't need a lot of each candy to create this board just a little of everything.  Go check out my Instagram or TikTok to see a video of the creation.   

What you need:

Charcuterie Board (I used my Marble Lazy Susan)
Variety of Candy
I used a bunny dish to add character to the theme

Peachy Pink and Gold Spring Table-scape

Hello Friends,

Happy first day of spring! This year's spring tables-cape is pretty in pink and peachy colors with ruffles and gold.  Spring table setting is always fun to style.  Many of the details on this table were purchased early fall on a major sale. The ruffled petals placemats and peony napkin rings are my absolute favorite pieces on my table. You know that creative napkin fold is always apart of my table top decor.  How cute are these bunny ear napkins on each plate?  I've search all over for gold eggs until i finally found some at Five Below.  Pairing gold with my pink and peachy pink surely made a statement on my table.  I source as many items for you.  Also, my bunnies are very inexpensive that I purchased at Target a few years ago and was unable to link the exact ones.  Cheers to spring and enjoy the post.  

Blushing Spring Decor

Hello Friends,

I'm swooning over my blush floral arrangement on my kitchen island.  These petite roses are very pretty and looks so lovely.  I love all things neutral tones with a hint of pink.  It's a perfect muted pink for my spring décor.  I like to keep my space with a clean look when styling and not too much cluttering. I'm thrilled to say, this is the first spring in my new kitchen and I'm elated to sprinkle touches of spring around it. 

This gold coral footed bowl is definitely a statement piece.  I was wowed, when I finished adding the floral in it.  I linked it for you if you're interested in getting one.   I love this styling so much so I decided to write a post on it.

Elegant Dining Room Upgrade

Hello Friends,

Today I'm sharing how I added elegance to my plain gray wall dining space.  This area is not one that we entertain a lot in but since our home is an open floor plan and it's adjacent my newly remodeled kitchen, I wanted to make it beautiful.  Firstly,  the light gray paint gave this space a very cool tone and feels.  This color has been on my wall since we moved in our house almost five years ago. I wanted to make this space warm and welcoming yet not too bright and white.  If you have been following me for a while you know that i love everything gold decor.  I chose warm and gold to grace this space. Grab something warm or cool to sip on while you enjoy this post and I hope you are inspired.

Pink and Gold Valentine Tablescape

Hello Friends,

Sharing my sweet Valentine tablescape today.  It's all about pink and gold decor.  I love putting this table setting for the loves of my life.  The ivory tablecloth made everything pop because of the neutral background. I'm in love with the gilded bloom placemats from Chilewich. These gorgeous placemats were gifted to me and they sure made a statement on my table.  I source everything for you.  Enjoy the post and as always I hope you are inspired.

Happy New Year 2021

Hello Friends,

It's time to say goodbye to 2020, a very hard and painful year for  many people.  I'm thankful that I'm blessed with health and are here to create this content for you.  Although it has been an unprecedented year, I must say that this year had brought some good things to me like amazing collaborations, partnerships and features.  I'm most grateful for the health of my family and friends.  I hope this new year will blessed all my followers and new friends abundantly with the fruits of health, joy and success.  Let's get 2021 started.......