Winter Cozy Home

 After my Christmas decoration is packed away, my home always feels very bare.  I crave for a neutral look with  a cozy vibes for our long winter.  I'm sharing how you can switch out simple things  to completely change the mood in your living room.  I like to add white floral after Christmas, I think it gives me a sense of calmness after all the madness if that make sense. My house is very small in square footage but it always feels bigger after all the decoration is gone.  Can you relate with that feeling? I immediately start to add some intentional decor so all can feel warmth and welcome in our spaces.

Living Room Refresh

This is usually the first space I start refreshing and making cozy.  Firstly, I switched out the throw pillows to neutral  patterns and textures.  I love to to add  luxurious faux fur blankets on the sofa.  That itself usually brings on the coziness for me.  I added candles on the coffee table along with a beautiful arrangement of cream magnolia stems for visual interest.  I brought back my white ginger jars to style my mantel top and also  brass candlestick holders as decor.  

My Tips - Add neutral colors, lots of texture and patterns to transition from the holidays to winter vibes. Bring out all the throw pillows and blankets. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Read my Disclosure Policy here

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