Get To Know Me

Golda is a wife, mom and Founder of Pretty Twinkle Design. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Associate's Degree In Business Management and spent many years working in the corporate world.  In spite of having a successful career, she always fall back to her true enthusiasm of all things pretty design in entertaining and interiors.  She is a lover of DIY projects and everything that comes with a challenge which brings joy in the end.  

Her creative eye for Interior designs started when she became a home owner and wanted to make it her own style.  It's true that a person is the happiest when they create a space that suits their style. Her style is still evolving and is at the transitional stage however, Golda is careful with colors and textures. Making any small space a bigger illusion is in her best interest.  Home decor can be quite expensive but Golda loves a good bargain and will always shop for quality products that are budget friendly.  Making a home a beautiful and functional place for her loved ones is a priority.

Her craze for styling events and making memories that will last a lifetime started from planning and designing her family and friends' weddings.  Party planning and styling got on a whole new level when she became a mom.  It continues with her first son's birthday party and it got even more stirring when she had her daughter.  The parties turned into picturesque galas complete with eye candy tabletop confections, pretty tablecloths, custom party decors and favors for everyone.  Due to her creative factor and passion for party styling its safe to say it's her love language.  Golda targets perfection when styling events, so every little detail counts. She loves to make a party pretty but impact is definitely her goal.

Pretty Twinkle Design allows her to share her passion for designs, entertaining and fun DIY projects.  This blog is to inspire and empower her readers to be the designer they didn't know they have in them whether it's styling their home or parties.

Always prettifying things!