Give Thanks Bar Cart

Hello Friends!

So excited the holiday season is here and my first home decor project of the season is styling my bar cart with some of the cutest finds from Target.  I love white pumpkins and I my inspiration for a neutral color scheme from these adorable pumpkins and added a little pop of colors with glitters. Who doesn't like a glass of good wine?!  Having a a bar cart is a dream come true for me because I love to style it for every season or holiday and with the affordable decor piece you can pick up at Target's Bullseye Playground it has made it even more easy to jazz up this cart.  

I like to get together with my friends before Thanksgiving to reflect and share all the fun we've had over the past months and sharing laughter.  

Let's get into it and be sure to grab a cup of coffee or tea and get inspired.  This Drink Up glitter banner is from my and most of you favorite spot, #targetdollarspot as most of us call it on Instagram.  Its sparkles and covered with several different colors glitter.  Everything is prettier and more fun with some glitter, at least for me!  

On he top of the cart i I place stunning stem-less wine glasses with cheers stirs and a cute sign, two bottles of wine, and a gratitude tree to get my friends engage with a little activity. 

Cheers stirs are so fun and make a great decor for your drink glasses.  I'm obsessed with this sign and just had to have it for my bar cart.  I totally agree that the best wines are drink with friends.

I am non-traditional and in love with white pumpkins and again the little glitter writing on them makes is even more adorable.  I pop them in a white wire basket along with some greenery and I love how they look at the bottom of my bar cart.

I found this Table runner at Target and decided to drape on the handle of the bar cart and added a napkin ring as a fun little accent.  I like the look!

Here it is! I'm sure if you're a Target lover like myself you already spot all the Bullseye playground finds in this photo.  The flower garland is from Michael's store and I thought it would be fun to drape it on the cart. This simple cart is very easy to style once you figure your color scheme.  The flower in a vase and the wine bottles added height  over the lower pieces like the gratitude tree, sign and wine glasses.  I love to add a little activity on my cart to get my guests engage other than treats or drinks.

This gather sign was a hard to find one and I almost run to it when i spy it from the door.  Pick up one at your Target it an be use in many different ways.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you like the cart and are inspired to go style your own.  These items are all Target Bullseye playground and you won't find them online.  The bar cart is from the Threshold brand and can be found online.  See you in my next one!