Tier Cake Stand

Hello Friends!

Three Tier Cake Stand

This adorable tier cake stand is perfect for your next party.  A beautiful way to display your food at  a tea party or any event.  I made this one for a tea party so i used a teacup as the topper which is optional.

You will need:

3 Plates
3 tier cake stand tools
1/4 " glass drill bit
Electric drill
1 teacup

These are the tools you will need (note the photo show tools to make a 2 tier stand)  This can be purchase on Amazon, Ebay or Etsy

You drill holes in the plates and simply assembly with the tools.  It's that simple. When drilling the holes you first find the center of each plates and start drilling on a angle to get the hole started.  I used a spray bottle with water to spray the plates as they get hot with the drilling into glass.  Please know this is safe to do, I recommend  wearing a protective eye wear.  I also suggest to put something under plates to protect your surface as the dust from plates along with water can be a little messy.  Hope you will try this.

Pretty Twinkling!