Kissing Ball

Hello Twinklerinas,

Style your party pretty by making this gorgeous piece a hanging decor or a centerpiece.  I forgot to take photos of what you need to make this pretty thing but I will explain the best I can. You will be surprise that you only need three items.


You will need

7 Inch Round foam ball (you can find this at any craft store including Walmart)
7 bunch Flowers ( I got theses Roses by the bunch at Dollar Tree)
Glue Gun

Ribbon or clear string if you will hang it

Start by cutting the stems off the flowers. Leave half inch from the stem to the head of the flower.  Poke holes in the foam ball, I used the remaining stem to poke the holes.  You will glue gun to glue a flower in each hole.  I eyeballed it to make sure the ball is covered with flowers and the foam isn't visible.  Repeat until you're satisfied with the look.

I can't wait to show you how I will style my next party with kissing balls.

Pretty Twinkling