Cake Pops

Hello Twinklerinas,

Yummy Cake Pops 

I'm not going to lie, I'm not a baker at all.  These are made from a Betty Crocker yellow cake mix.  they turn out well so i decided to post a photo and give a short explanation of how I make them since the instruction of ingredients are on the box.  I'm sure most people use Betty Crocker cake mix before.

You will need

1 Betty Crocker Yellow Cake Mix
1 Betty Crocker Whipped Buttercream Frosting
1 Pack White Chocolate Melts (Vanilla flavor)
Cake Pops Sticks


Pink Food Coloring


Follow the instruction on the box and bake as a whole cake.  

When thoroughly cool cut off the crust and use keep just the yellow part of the cake.

This is the messy but yummy part, use you fingers and grumble the cake

Add 1 TBSP of the frosting to the grumble cake and stir until its a little sticky but not too much.  Add more frosting if needed but 1 tablespoon was enough for me.

You will make a small ball with the palm of your hands at your desired size

Put on a paper towel in a tight sealed container and refrigerate overnight.  

Decorate it

Melt white chocolate on low heat on stove top or in microwave.  Add shortening if needed to make mixture thinner if begins to thicken.

Add food coloring if you wish and stir in.

Once the mixture is ready take a cake pop ball out the fridge.  I take one at a time since you don't want the cake pop pop balls to sit out.

First you dip the cake pops stick in the chocolate about half inch or less into the chocolate.

Stick it in to the center of the ball a little less than half way in to the cake pop ball with your judgement.  You don't want to push it too much because the ball will start to crack.

Once the stick is in the ball dip it into the chocolate or you can use a spoon to cover the cake pop by scooping the chocolate and pour on the cake pop ball.

Slightly tap the cake pop on the edge of bowl to remove excess chocolate.

This is the time to add sprinkles if you wish.

Stick it on the Styrofoam or if you have a cake pop holder.

Put in fridge and remove when you are ready to serve.


Pretty Twinkling