Back To School Party

It's that time of the year, bittersweet time, when we send our kids back to school for a new school year.  There are many ways to throw a back to school party on a budget.  I search Pinterest for inspirations, free printable and simple foodie ideas.  I was blown away by the large amount of creative ideas on Pinterest.  

Here are some photos

Kids love marshmallows and sugar cookies.

I put healthy after school snacks, pencils, glue sticks, pens etc in the favor bags.  

You can get this "you rule" free printable at Thirty Handmade Days

Our Voss water bottles were style with custom made tags I created free using Avery Design and Print Online program.  I decided to make is fun by putting "Drink me like a VOSS" instead of drink me like a BOSS.  It was a hit....

The placemats are black and yellow paper, white plates, black napkins and pencils with bow and a tag "YOU'RE SO SHARP" You can get this tag free at EIGHTEEN25

I really like this idea and free printable from EIGHTEEN25 i found the calculator at Dollar Tree.

Hope you enjoy these inexpensive Back to School party ideas.

Pretty Twinkling!