New Year 2016! Plan it!


Happy New Year!  This is my first post of 2016 and I'm thrilled you're here with me in this brand new year.  Many people make resolutions at the beginning of a new year.  Some stick to their commitment and some find it hard to cope.  I haven't made any major new year resolution but I do plan to stay organize, healthy and lots of family time in this amazing sweet 2016 year.  I appreciate each and everyone of you that visit and share my blog.  I look forward to post more this year, a little of everything.  If you read my about me page,  you will know that this blog share party, DIY, home decor, recipes and some random posts.

This post today is short and sweet just sharing some things I'm using to help me stay organize in 2016.  They are very inexpensive and all from Bullseye Playground at Target with the exception of one item.

Love this calendar and you need one so you too can make sure you know whats going on each day of the month to keep you on right track.


I'm using this calendar on my desk.   It's very simply with stylish font and the colors are pink, brown and mint.  Prefect palette for a girl like me. 

Here is my planner very simple yet practical 

Inside of the planer has three tabs.   I like both the old fashioned and modern way when it comes to using a planner.  I do use my phone to schedule appointments etc but i like to have it jot down in my planner too.  

This is my journal  is actually from Ross and I will use it to jot down notes and random things.  I love this verse so much and i believe with God taking control in 2016 all will be wonderful.  I will just watch all the amazing things unfolds before me with his help.  I love God! 

Inside the journal

This cute mint with white polka dots expandable file organizer is a life saver for me many times.  I used it to store postage stamps, seals, coupons etc.  It's great to know where somethings at when you need it.  

I believe everyone likes to head straight to Target Dollar Spot when they visit Target.  I am guilty of this but so proud of it.  This section has the cutest stationery ever and it's so addicting but it's so hard to pass up the $1 or $3 deals.  Below I share photos of my stationery i'm using to start off the new year.  

Cutest "donut" post it pad is so girlie and i love them.  The note pad with fancy heels, classy dress and pretty balloons is my favorite.  The jar with pens is actually a candle holder from the 2016 Valentine section in cream and gold, it's absolutely beautiful and I'm using it to store my pens instead of a candle holder. 

So, I plan to stay organize in 2016 by using basic items that are affordable which are a calendar, planner, journal, expandable file organizer and pretty stationery. 

Let me know in the comment below how you plan stay organize in 2016. 

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