Holiday Gift

Hello Twinklerinas,

Tis the season to spread joy and for giving.  I always like to give my child's teacher a sweet gift that are perfect with a little handmade touch to it.  After all teachers need to enjoy their winter break so what better gift is to encourage "sleep in heavenly peace".  This gift idea is very inexpensive and very thoughtful.  

It's more meaningful when it's personalize and is meant exactly for that special person.  You don't need to spend a fortune on a gift because the thought is what counts.  I got every detail for this sweet little roll of fluffy and warmest cover from Walmart .  This cream throw, monogram glitter ornament, black ribbon and white sparkly pine cone  complete this perfect gift.  It's simple roll the throw, tie the ribbon, make a bow, embellish with monogram ornament and pine cone.  Package it in a box or bag and it's priceless.

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