Hot Cocoa Bar

Hello Twinklerinas,

Hello December! It's the most wonderful time of the year and I'm thrilled to share this easy hot cocoa bar with you.  There is no better way to warm up this winter than with a cup of hot  cocoa because baby it's cold outside.  A cup of hot cocoa is not complete if it's not loaded with calories, yes I said so and I'm not ashamed.  Bring on the marshmallows, peppermint, whip cream and all the good stuff.  

Let me tell you how much I love this little white vanity.  I have used it as a cake table and candy buffet table in the past.  It just add that chic look to your styling. This is a trending looks at any parties and weddings these days.  So, here i am using it for this hot cocoa bar.  

I've gathered items from around my house for this project and new items are from Target $3.00 section or from Dollar Tree. My colors are black, white, red and little glitter.  Peppermint, candy canes marshmallows and hot cocoa with some whip cream and cinnamon are my favorite ingredients for the perfect hot cocoa.

These cute vases are from Dollar Tree and the sequin ribbon and chalkboard stickers are from Target.

The hello plaque are from Hobby Lobby and the tags are from Target.  

I'm sure this cup of hot cocoa makes you want to go make one for yourself. Go ahead that's my intention when I created this blog post.  If you make yourself a cup please tag me on Instagram.



  1. These are just stunning glam tea party ideas. Hoping that we’ll get to make it! Hey, I also need some interesting NYE corporate party ideas. Please share some inexpensive ideas!

  2. Thank You Benilhalk! Glad you like the tea party post. I look forward to posting inexpensive DIY ideas.