Dracula Cookies

Hello Twinklerinas,

My daughter and I try a new recipe today and it's no other than Dracula's cookies and it's the yummiest you'll ever have.  She is very girly and don't like scary things so we tried very hard to not make these teeth scary by using pink frosting instead of red :-).  In my eyes they look very scary with the crooked teeth but I didn't tell her that LOL.  Again you can customize this treat to your liking feel free to add fangs and make it as scary as you like.  Also, these are perfectly most and decorated by my 3 year old so don't judge :-).

You'll Need!

Cookies ( I used Annie's Bake & Share  Chocolate Chunk Cookies) I found it at Target.
Frosting (I used Cream Cheese)
Marshmallows (small)
food Coloring (I used pink)

Follow instructing to bake cookies.

When cool add food coloring to frosting.

Spread on two cookies

Stick marshmallows into frosting on each cookie

Set them on each other to create the look like pictures.