Hawaiian Birthday Soiree

Birthdays are very special in our home!  There is one birthday I look forward to each year: my daughter's.  She is very girly and always asks for the most creative and pretty theme.  This year, she asked for a Hawaiian theme,  I was thrilled because I'd never done this theme before.  I always hoped she would ask for a Moana theme when she was much smaller, but she never did.  This is 11 years of celebrating my beautiful daughter, and she told me she doesn't want anything over the top because she only wants her besties together with her to celebrate.  Her circle is tiny, so this is a soiree, and with that said, I kept it minimalistic with bright colors and loads of tropical vibes. There were leis in all colors placed around each girl's neck as they arrived. 

I hosted this soiree in my backyard therefore, I used our outdoor furniture as seating.  We had  DIYed an Ice Cream stand from her party a few years ago, and I turned it into a tiki bar for her cake. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Read my Disclosure Policy here.

Decoration & Table Setting

All the decor on the table is from my home decor stash: floral, pineapple decor, etc.  The table setting was styled with palm leaves, pink translucent plates, coconut cups, pink and gold flatware, and palm leaf-shaped napkins with the phrase "shake your palm palms." Some of the custom cookies also display this phrase.  The primary color scheme for this party was hot pink and green. 

Food and Drinks

The birthday girl requested pizza, wings, and fries, along with a mix of fruits for food.  Coconut was the number one item on the list.  I ensured I surprised her with a Hawaiian-style pizza and a famous pepperoni pizza.  The fruits are served in natural coconut halves in a bowl.  The girls were amazed to have their fruits served in coconut bowls. The cake is the best part of any celebration food.  The cake displayed a skirt, leis, Plumeria flowers, and coconut topper in boastful Hawaiian colors. Cookies are great for favors and even better when they are made to match the theme. I was told all flavors of Fanta would be appreciated, and I served pineapple, strawberry, and orange Fantas. The pineapple flavor was a hit. 

Movie Trays were loaded with popcorn, Fanta in pouches, watermelon-flavored sour patch kids, and a hibiscus flower on the tray to stay with the theme. 


The girls played with hula hoops, made personalized pencil pouches, and enjoyed a movie outdoors.

Party Favors

What better way to send the girls home extra happy than with the cutest tropical tote loaded with fun items like gel pens, tropical rings, key rings, face masks, cookies, sunglasses, fidget noodles, and pencil pouches.

I linked similar items at the end of this post for you in case you would like to create your own Hawaiian theme.  Now, you can see how the day unfolded in the photos. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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