Small Luxe Bathroom Reveal

A special thank you to Floor & Decor and Signature Hardware for Partnering on this project. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Read my Disclosure Policy here.

 It's finally the time to reveal our new upscale bathroom with you.  I've spent one whole year designing and redesigning  a mood board for this space.  The goal is to execute a polished look, with modern functionality and luxury details.  There were some challenges with fitting in all the details I envisioned in such a small space.  Guess what, It turned out stunning and better than my dreams.

Let me give you a little summary of what I had in mind and tell me in the comments if you saw it unfolds in the photos.  My choice of tile is porcelain for the floor and wall and mosaic marble tiles as accent for the shower niche.  Gold is my prominent metal color, so all my fixture and hardware are polished gold, sleek and modern.

I've always wanted a tub for a warm soak after a long day.  Although this is an exciting idea, a shower is still a must have for us.  I mentioned earlier this is a small bathroom, so the idea of a tub in shower came to my mind and I ran with it.  There are many things needed to be taken into consideration to make this happen,  most importantly a linear drain to accommodate water spills.  Thankfully, this is a fully gutted bathroom and the drain could have installed easily. In case you are wondering, what is a  tub in shower compilation? It's when you have a tub installed on a functional walk in shower.  The linear drain will catch all the water from the shower.  Speaking of shower, I'm thrilled about our ceiling mounted rain shower, it's magical.  I'm currently obsessed with sconces and it was the choice of lighting for the vanity.  I'm in love with how beautiful this small space turned out.  We will revel in this luxury hotel-like atmosphere right at home and enjoy it for years to come.  

This was all possible because of my friends at Floor & Decor for all the beautiful tiles including all materials needed to get them installed on the floor and walls.  Signature Hardware for the gorgeous tub, vanity and toilet. These brands carry amazing, top quality products that will fully compact the details of your project with an end result of pure swoon-worthy. 

I will elaborate on each of the must-have details in our new bathroom below.  Get excited and I hope you feel inspired! 

Bathroom Mood Board

Here are the details:

Freestanding Tub

The tub of my dreams, vintage meets modern.  This gorgeous tub is from Signature Hardware. She is perfectly made for our small bathroom.  This type of tub surely gave our bathroom a bigger illusion because of its shape.  Talk about a statement piece that is impacting with beauty and comfort and luxurious style.

Tub Filler

Loving the look of a floor mounted tub filler next to her majesty, my freestanding tub. A freestanding tub fillers allow design flexibility, because they are plumbed up through the floor, rather than through the wall. These faucets will work whether the tub is placed along a wall or in the middle of the room, in our case, the ends of our tub is not closed to the wall.  We installed our tub filler at the end of our tub instead of the middle because it more practical for our small space.  We love it!  

Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower

Making a statement was the goal when adding a ceiling mounted rain shower.  This is pure luxury and modern style.  Love the sleek and modern look and most important a relaxing shower.

Shower Niche

It’s a must have,  it’s very popular in luxury bathroom designs.  These recessed shelves are perfect for storing shampoo, body wash etc. The wired caddy hung in the shower is so yesterday and no longer flattering.  We added led lights to make each niche burst with ambiance.


A vanity is one of the focal point of a bathroom.  I wanted something different which means I opted for drawers instead of doors.  I’m in love with the gold hardware on this beautiful Robertson  twenty four inches vanity.  The white feathered Quartz countertop with oval porcelain sink is the perfect design for our small bathroom.  This stunning piece looks a from Signature Hardware.


Lighting sets the mood of the atmosphere you are designing.  It has the power to transform a room and elevate your design.   At all cost it must be carefully map out to suits the needs of the space.  We added two recessed lights over the tub and these lights also housed the exhaust fan.  This was a very neat option and love that the fans are concealed. Love the brass and crystal sconces over the vanity, sheered elegance.  Lighting can also be seen in the shower niche.  The center light fixture is beautiful and first thing that caught my eyes when I open the bathroom door.  It’s all about the details in the design.  

Towel Warmer

A towel warmer is popular in Europe.  It added timeless, elegance and luxury to our bathroom design. This is one of favorite detail in my bathroom. We are now looking forward for  chilly winter days since our towels will now be toasty. This towel warmer is the utter perfection for our bathroom and one of the best decisions. 


I definitely wanted a skirted elongated toilet this time around for many reasons.  Firstly, a skirted toilet is easier to clean around the base in my opinion,  secondly,  it’s sleek and adds a modern flair.  I chose a pushed button flush and love the new look and features of this toilet from Signature Hardware.

Floors & Walls

Porcelain tiles are my first choice for the bathroom floors and walls.  Porcelain is a denser and harder option that offers greater stain and water resistance than ceramic tile.  I love the unmatched design visibility. These tiles can mimic natural stones and you an get the look of marble for less.  I opted for a polished finish for a sleeker and more luxe look.  I must say that I was able to connect veins using my own tile mapping technique using my bare eyes.   You will see that my veins are all going in the same direction, I really loved that.  It definitely shows the marble-like design effect.  I chose the same tiles as the floor  for the wall and had them installed up to the ceiling.  This turned out amazing and gave the bathroom  a taller illusion. All our tiles and materials used are from Floor and Décor.  I was astounded by the remarkable selection of lovely porcelain and marble products they have in stock at incredible prices! They have everything you need from free designing of your space to all the materials  needed to create the design, it's a one stop shop.  I love that you can order online  for shipping or curbside pick up. The shopping experience was unmatched! All recommended materials were accurate and helpful to make our small bathroom look luxury and a masterpiece just as I envisioned it when creating my mood board.


I'm intrigue by having the floor and backsplash same pattern and to be connected as much as possible.  This bathroom is very small, so, my goal is to make it seems larger. I achieved that goal by having the same tile on the floor and wall installed with very little grout to create the look of one whole slab.  I personally was able to pull this off easily because the tiles are the background and the focal points are the accented marble tiled niche, lighting, and decor.

Paint Color

I chose Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore in semi gloss for my paint color.  I absolutely love this neutral white paint color.  






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  1. Anonymous27 May, 2022

    This bathroom is stunning!

  2. Anonymous27 May, 2022

    Love how it turned out, so beautiful. I love the gold details.

  3. Golda, I love everything about your bathroom remodel. Love the tub and the tiles you chose.

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