Dining Room Spring Refresh Tips

Spring is one of my favorite season.  I love the smell of the air, seeing plants coming back to life and most importantly the pretty pastel colors.  I'm sharing tips to refresh your dining space for the new season.  Small changes can make big impact and it's so refreshing to me after all the Christmas decoration. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Read my Disclosure Policy here

Tip 1 - Change Curtains

If you are like me, I love my luxurious velvet curtains for fall and winter.  It just make sense to have heavy and a little room darkener curtains for those seasons, speaking for my self here.  To transition into spring,  I hung linen curtains to make the space light and airy.  This lightweight curtain will welcome all the sunlight.  I love the effect of these ones when natural light cover this space at certain time of the day.  I will keep my linen curtains up for spring and summer.

Tip 2 - Add Colorful Floral & Greenery 

Floral is my favorite home decor.  Its refreshing and it just put me in a good mood looking at them.  I have them all over my home.  I call myself a floral enthusiast because its true, its always on my mind.  My first choice would be fresh blooms but there are so many realistic, faux floral on the market these days, I have my collection.  A floral arrangement will spruce up your space whether simple or elaborate. I added simple lilacs to my table for a minimal look but also a pop of color.  

Tip 3 - Change Candles

This girl love candles and I strongly advise to change them to a color that goes along with your color scheme.  I chose these beautiful, tape lavender  color candles for my tall candlestick holder.

I hope these tips are helpful if you're looking to transition into the new season. Lets sprinkle colors and light into our home.   

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