Spring Candy Charcuterie Board

Hello Friends,

Today's post is extra sweet and filled with array of colors.  Have you heard about Charcuterie board?  It's basically a display of a variety of food.  We chose candy since its almost Easter.  We love the explosion of pastel colors in all shapes and taste. My daughter and I surely had fun creating this charcuterie board.    I want share a tip of where to buy fun candy for a charcuterie board.  Always check your nearest Homegoods, Ross and grocery stores.  I found many sets that had at least 6 different types of candy for a decent price.  You save by shopping this ways because you really don't need a lot of each candy to create this board just a little of everything.  Go check out my Instagram or TikTok to see a video of the creation.   

What you need:

Charcuterie Board (I used my Marble Lazy Susan)
Variety of Candy
I used a bunny dish to add character to the theme