White and Gold Kitchen Reveal

Hello Friends,

Happy Fall! I'm very excited to share with you our kitchen renovation reveal.  Here is a little  summary about our kitchen before the remodel.  When we bought our house we knew right away we would paint the walls.  It was orange and before move in day we painted it White Dove.  This tiny space was a noticeable one with many potentials. A couple months after we moved in I decided to paint the oak cabinets white to brighten up this little boxed up kitchen.  I did and I was a tad bit happier but just not enough.  My kitchen was ok but not functional.  It has granite countertop and stainless steel appliances but they were all in the wrong spots.  First of all, every kitchen should have the sink by the window, mine wasn't, it was next to a wall.  The appliances weren't properly place to have a focal point. Let's just say the dishwasher hugged the stove, yikes!  This had bothered me for awhile until we had the talk about doing a total remodel on this kitchen.  We all know that a kitchen remodel isn't cheap, so we did it in baby steps.  In 2019 we decided to finally knocked down walls and it immediately turned our main floor into an open floor plan.  Elated is an understatement to say the least  how I felt to have finally let in  light in this tiny kitchen.  This big first step really motivated us to plan for the fully remodel in 2020.  

Well to our surprise, a global pandemic was brewing. Covid-19 changed many people lives forever and we contemplated if we should even carry on with our kitchen remodel plans.  I say this because it means that people will need to come into our home to do work like electrician, plumber, contractors etc. We always set our projects in July so we thought maybe the virus would subsides by then. The positive thing about these rollercoaster thoughts is that our project is DIY which means we would be doing most of it by ourselves, except for the important skills we needed professionals to do for us.  Illinois finally went into Phase 3 and we said it's a go! Are you still here with me, enjoy the photos and see my kitchen transform.

Let's talk about the mood board and vision for this new kitchen!  First of all it has to be white, bright with polished gold details.  I chose white because the space is already small and I wanted it to feel bigger than it is by choosing white cabinets.  I love when white and gold meets its instantly stunning and timeless.  In my mood board you can see that I chose the Shaker White Cabinets, Brass fixtures to bring in the gold tones, brass and acrylic pulls in three different sizes, and I kept my appliances stainless steel.  Let's talk about the countertops!  I went back and forth on Porcelain and Quartz.  I finally decided that Quartz is a great choice for us and to be specific we chose Carrara Bianca Vicenza.  We not only decided on this stone for countertop we also got slabs in same installed on the walls to ceiling for the backsplash.  Our entire main floor is hardwood so we removed the tiles and installed hardwood floors in the kitchen to be cohesive with the rest of the floors.  This was the best idea ever because we love it!  I've always dreamed of a farmhouse apron sink.  It's truly gorgeous and this is proof that you don't need to live on a farm or in farmhouse style home to have this sink in your kitchen.  My style is forever evolving but doesn't  considered to be farmhouse style. 

The details weren't too hard for me because I already know that I want brass along with acrylic and crystals. All my  fixtures and hardware are gold tones including the faucets,  cabinet and drawer pulls.  I've always love the gold lantern pendant lights and again some may say it's more farmhouse which is somewhat true but I added crystals to mine and I don't get that feel anymore.  I have two hanging over my island and adore them. I've always admired a semi flush light over a sink especially one as stunning as mine.  After searching for a fixture for this corner and not finding anything I love, I decided on a chandelier flush mount light and it was perfect.   While we are on lightening I'm so excited to say I got under and inside cabinet lights.  I chose led daylight lights because I want my kitchen to be bright and airy to show off the gorgeous countertop and backsplash.  There is one thing I didn't want and that was outlets in my backsplash, so we installed plug modes under the cabinets.  I'm so pleased with all the little details and thoughts that went into consideration and became a reality.  I got everything I wanted and more in this remodel.  This is exactly how I want to entertain and cook in style because its the place we spend a lot of time and it should bring us joy and peace equally.

I absolutely love my new kitchen!  I hope you do too!    

Before, During and After

Sink and Faucets

I was over the moon when MR Direct approved a partnership with me and generously gifted this beautiful white  Fireclay Single Bowl Sink .  I added all the gold feels around this stunner including a basket strainer stopper in gold.  I chose a Kingston Brass High Arc faucet with sprayer, soap dispenser and water filtration faucet. This is my favorite part of the kitchen to look at.  


Hardware and Accents

When the space is small anything to make it look bigger is a must.  I know i want gold pulls for my cabinet and drawers but it all changed when I spied Schaub and Company stunning Lumiere Transitional Acrylic Polished Brass Pulls .  It was a dream come true when they said yes to partnering with me on this project.  I chose three different sizes, four inch centered for the doors and eight and twelve inch centered for the drawers.  They are smooth to your touch, shiny to your sight and simply prefect for my kitchen.  While in awe with the gorgeous pulls I was able to partner with O'verlays for my glass cabinet doors.  They were very easy to install and definitely gave my doors a custom look.  Jumping with joy how these O'verlays  complete the glass doors.  

Countertops and Backsplash

Quartz is a manmade stone and looks like marble.  I love that you can get the beautiful veining details  in a less expensive stone.  It's very durable and low maintenance compared to other stones. We chose a white Carrara Stone with small veins design for both countertops and backsplash.  Our Fabricator was amazing and did an excellent job from consultation to installation.  I linked their information in resource below.  


We decided to keep all appliances for now except the range hood and the stove.  We chose the LG Slide in Range with ProBake Convection Oven with EasyClean in stainless steel.  This was a great choice because all of our children loves to bake.  Did you know the Easy Clean feature cleans your oven in ten minutes compared to the timeframe for self cleaning?  I love my stove! The range hood is  Windflo brand with great reviews and I took the chance although I'm not familiar with the brand.  I was looking for something inexpensive since we splurge on the stove.  The only things that were important to me when choosing the hood was, glass, quiet, stainless steel and functional.  So far it succeeded all of those categories.


I'm team gold all day and everyday!  I chose these simple yet elegant lantern pendant for over my island.  The flush mount chandelier for over the sink turned out beautiful although I wanted a semi flush light.  All the other lightings are daylight white led lights for the recess, inside and under cabinets.  It makes the kitchen bright and I can just use the accent lights If i want to change the feels in the room.

I would love to hear what you think of the new kitchen and if you have any questions, please share in the comments below!

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            MR Direct - White Apron Fireclay Sink
Schaub and Company - Lumiere Polished Brass Pulls
O'verlays - Glass Door Overlays

I would like to thank you all for trusting me on this project and for gifted me your products.  I truly appreciate and loved working with your company. 


Interior Designer -  Pretty Twinkle Design 
Sink - MR Direct
Cabinet Hardware - Schaub and Company 
Quartz Countertops and Back Splash - Herrera Stone, Inc.
Windflo Hood and LG Stove - The Home Depot
Glass Door Overlays - O'verlays
Window - Studio 41
Faucets, Dispensers - Kingston Brass
Light Fixtures - Amazon
Pot Filler - Amazon
Recess Lightening - The Home Depot


  1. Your Kitchen looks fabulous and I take this as an inspiration for my future kitchen remodel!

  2. So Gorgeous!

  3. This is such a beautiful transformation. Love every single detail! Definitely kitchen goals!

  4. What a gorgeous transformation, definitely kitchen goals!

  5. This is an amazing transformation. The white with the gold accents are so fabulous. I love the continuation of the countertops as the backsplash and the brass faucet is gorgeous. Excellent updates Golda! This gives me hope for my kitchen :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes, you can totally do it girl!

  6. Your kitchen is lovely, I've binge reading your blog and love it so far!!! I'm right now in the intensive work of remodeling our old, ugly kitchen. Could you please tell me the dimensions of yours? Would be really helpful since I'm doing it all by myself. Thanks in advance

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