Pastel Pink Easter Tablescape

Hello friends,

Today I want to share my pastel pink with pops of teal, mint and gold Easter tables-cape with you.  I know there are a lot of unbelievable things happening with the rise of Corona Virus causing a pandemic across the globe.  Although that is out of our control I want to shed a light of happiness by doing what i love and that is sharing my creativity with the world in hopes of people being inspired by my work.  As always if you've been following my blogs for a while you already know that I like to do everything on a budget and of course throwing in some  DIYs to make it special and one of its own. Be sure to read and follow along to the end because I shared a fun DIY.  Without further ado grab something warm and enjoy this blog post. 


I was looking for inexpensive pink charger plates for this tables-cape but was unsuccessful because the ones i like were very expensive.  One day i went to Michael's Store and saw some plain white chargers and I decided to buy them to experiment paint a pattern onto them.  To be honest I didn't know how they  would turn out but I liked them.  

You will need:

Plain Charger Plates
Circle sponges
Acrylic Paint (poodle skirt and baby pink)


Dip sponge in paint and make whatever pattern you would like.  I made scallops with both shades of pink in patterns.  

Let dry and style as desire.

Thank you so much for hopping by!  I linked most of these items i used or similar if you would like to create this look.  

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