Valentine's Coffee and Hot Cocoa Bar

Hello Friends!

Happy everything in 2019 and may your cup of cheer run over and spill happiness everywhere.   I'm excited to have you here with me for this new year.   For all the new readers, welcome I plan to inspire you and hopefully you stay awhile.  Today I'm sharing with you my new and improve coffee bar which is still serving hot cocoa for the rest of winter.  Have you been to mine and your favorite store Target lately? You'll need to run soon after you finish this post!  They incorporated the cutest hot cocoa bar items for Valentine's and it's so adorable I'm still in awe.  If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw my IGTV video of my mini haul from Target and a sneak peak of some of the items i styled my tiered tray.  

My coffee bar table is finally in its rightful spot and I added three floating shelves above it.  I love it!  You all know that I love coffee and as a mother it really help fuel me to get through the day.  I won't ramble to much and just show you what I'm talking about.   I picked up very few decor pieces from Hobby Lobby but ninety percent of it is from Target.  Here you go..........