Fall Snack

Hello  Friends!

Today I'm sharing with you a very easy, cute Fall DIY.  This one is something you or your child can actually eat.  ᗩs parents we like healthy choices when choosing snacks for our little ones so, I chose organic, gluten free applesauce.  It's Fall season and pumpkins are everywhere so lets get right into our DIY.

You'll need green pipe cleaners, orange pumpkin foam shapes, and applesauce in a pouch.  

Lay the foam pumpkin shape flat, then align the stem of the pumpkin and the spout of applesauce together with the pipe cleaner under  the pumpkin shape.

Twist the pipe cleaner attaching the neck of the applesauce to the stem of the pumpkin.  I twisted mine about 3 times.  It's that simple!

You can use your finger or any round object like a pencil or a pen to curl the pipe cleaner.  I used a paper straw here because it was the closest on hand.  

A healthy treat to share with my daughter classmates for her "show and tell" at school.

How cute are there?!

A platter of healthy pumpkins

C R E D I T S  &  R E S O U R C E S 

Pipe cleaners - Michael's

Foam Pumpkin cut out - Michaels

Applesauce - Costco