The Love Of Coffee

Hello Friends!

Today's post is just a fun fact about me.  You probably already know what this fun fact is about from the post title so I will not keep you waiting.   Every morning i head straight to my coffee corner and make myself a nice cup of coffee.  I love it so much that I truly believe that it helps me function daily.  I rely on it heavily to help me stay energized.  As a mom its mandatory that you keep your energy level high. Also, I find it more appealing to check emails and social media while sipping my sacred cup of coffee.  Something special about me and my coffee is that it has to be in a pretty mug.  My obsession for an attractive coffee mug is crazy.  I have them by the dozens and the foil prints are so darling.  This one in the photo below is currently my favorite  "Haute Mess" and it's from Ross.  It describes me very well since I actually drag myself out of bed to start the day.  If you like winsome coffee mugs like me, try stores like Home Goods, Ross, Marshalls  or TJ Maxx.   I'm sure I'm not alone in this coffee lover world that can't resist a pretty darn cute mug.  

Now that know coffee is my get-up, and go, must have drink everyday.  Let me know in the comment below if you're a coffee  lover too and where you find your fancy mugs.   Tag me in your Instagram pictures using hashtag #prettytwinkleparty  and follow us Pretty Twinkle Party.   

Cheers! Enjoy a cup or two, even three of coffee today my lovelies.