Floral Decor

Hello Friends,

Today I want to share with you some beautiful floral decor I shared on my Instagram page that I got some wonderful comments that makes my heart happy.  The words, gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, pretty, delicate, lovely and so much more positive adjectives commented on my photos.  I even got comments from Target and Michael's so I decided to do a blog post.  I will probably be adding photos to this post as time goes by.  I will try my best to caption where i bought each decor incase you would like to buy them unfortunately  some of them may be seasonal.  Enjoy and be inspired!

These Beautiful white roses I got for my anniversary and since it was near Easter I style around the vase with the Bunny and eggs from Target

The decorative glass jars style with twine, bunny and eggs are from Bullseye Playground at Target  The mirror tray is from Marshall's

Even the bunny stop and smell the roses. 

I've never taken a photo of my fresh cut flowers in my hand bag before like i've a ton of time on Instagram.  These beautiful two tone roses are from the grocery store and my bag is from Michael Kors.

How fun is this pineapple style with beautiful hydrangeas and delicate pink rose?!  I was so happy when I spot this bunch at Trader Joe's and they are very inexpensive.  The "Good Morning Gorgeous" mug is from Target. 

Yellow and turquoise are definitely a great combination of colors for any decor.  It's so brilliant and can brighten your day easily.  These jars are mentioned above and the tray is from Homegoods.

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers of all time.  Too bad they are seasonal but i surely get to enjoy them when they are in season.  These beautiful peonies are freshly cut from my friend's backyard.  I put them in this mug from Target and add some honey combs prop to style the picture.