Floral Hearts Decor


Today I'm sharing this easy and pretty DIY idea with items from Dollar Tree.  I have a tendency to dress up my mirrors around my home for every holiday.  When you want inexpensive decor you can check out your nearest Dollar Tree. This cute double heart decor, clouded with white roses is very much loved and complimented by my family and friends.  If you like it and want to know how to make it then keep on reading.

You'll need

Glue gun
White crepe paper roll (Dollar Tree)
Double Hearts Decor (Dollar Tree)
5 Bunches White Roses (Dollar Tree)

I first removed the roses from the stems which is very easy to pull off.  I then used the white crepe paper and wrap it tightly around  the hearts of the tinsel decor to cover the red tinsel.  This is very easy to do,  it's just like wrapping ribbon around a wire.  After the red tinsel is covered with white crepe paper you can start to attached the roses.  I just eyeballed the spacing to make it look cluster and fluffy.  You can stick the roses as close to each other as you wish but it will take more roses.  I would say these are attached about 1/2 inch a part.  That's it!  I used clear string to attached it to my mirror but I forgot to take off the red string it came with.  You can remove that and used clear string for a floating effect.    Hang it at your desired spot to add love to your home this Valentine's Day.  

Double Heart Decor for $1.00 and the roses are $1.00 per bunch and I used 5 bunches for this DIY project.

Heart Tinsel Decor

White Crepe Paper

White Roses

This is what the heart decor looks like after I wrap it with the white crepe paper.


I hope you enjoy this easy tutorial!