Floral Letter

Hello Twinklerinas,

I craft this beautiful floral letter for my niece's nursery.  This one of a kind piece is made from cardboard letter P and flowers.  This can also used for parties.

You will need

Cardboard box (You can buy the letter at Hobby Lobby or Michael's )
X-Acto knife
Glue gun
Ribbons or pearls (optional)
Flowers ( I used peonies and roses)
White paint
White construction paper

You begin this fun project by tracing the shape of your letter on the cardboard box. I used the X-Acto knife to cut out the shape of the letter.  You will need two of the letters, one for the from and back since you want it to look 3D.  I used construction paper about 1 1/2 inch wide to attach the 2 letters together using a tape.  I highly recommended just buying the letter and then you can eliminate this step :-).

Once the two letters are attached and you get the 3 D look you can use the white paint and paint and let dry.

If you choose to buy the letter from a craft store then you just paint it if needed.  It's time to prepare the flowers, I cut the flowers off the stem.  Then use the glue gun to attached the flowers to the letter.  Just eyeballed it to make it look cluster.  I like to add some leaves in between the flowers.   Add ribbon or pearl to hang  as shown in photo.  This is a very easy and cheap DIY project.

I hope I explain enough for you.  Please message me if you have any questions.

Pretty Twinkling

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