Tutu Birthday Party

Hello Twinklerinas,

I had the pleasure of styling my daughter's tutu theme birthday party this past weekend.  It was absolutely beautiful.  There were pink, and gold glitters all over the room.  Let me tell you this girl loves her tutu all day everyday.  She goes to ballet class so that's a plus to why she loves her tutu so much.  I know later on she will have a ballet theme party so I didn't want to let that be the focal point of this party so I limit decor that scream ballerina party.  This is a tutu party and every little detail wore a tutu from the table cloth to the water bottles.  Every girl got a tutu, gold crown and tulle wand to twirl around the party and it's their party favor.  The little boys wore pink neckties, they were tutu cute.  Her cake was suppose to be pink bottom instead of coral was an error on the bakers part but the ruffles on the bottom tier all says tutu.   Here are some details of the event.

Pretty Twinkling