Tulle Balloons Decor

Hello Twinklerinas,

Balloons have never look this beautiful in our eyes.  This is such a brilliant idea to cover balloons with tulle and accent with flowers.  Jaw dropping party decor for any occasion.  Mini Mannequins wearing a tutu is the icing on the cake for a tutu party.  We believe love is in the details.


You will need the following

36 inch Latex balloon (I used pink)
3 1/2 yards tulle ( I used pink)
Clear string
Balloon pump

First, I didn't use helium in these balloons.  I used a regular balloon pump and blew them up to a desired size.  Then cover the balloon with tulle and add a flower at the bottom of the balloon where you tie the tulle.    This is just to add style to the balloon.  The tulle has tiny holes as a part of the texture and i put the clear string through one of the tiny holes to hang from the ceiling to make the floating effect.  

Pretty Twinkling